Nano-influencer marketing derives from multi-level marketing. The effectiveness of multi-level marketing comes from the fact that it is mostly friend-to-friend marketing. The brand ambassador mostly manages to sell to their close friends and family members. Studies show that recommendations from a friend give the highest turnover in making a person buy something. In other words, the chance that you will buy a product that is recommended by your close friend or family member, compared to seeing an advertisement of this product on tv, is 100 times bigger. The highest possible conversion rate can be found in friend-to-friend marketing.

“We offer the holy grail of Marketing: Nano-Influencer Marketing!”

Friend-to-friend marketing beats any form of online and offline marketing/advertising currently known to men in terms of conversion rate. All marketing experts in the world agree on this topic. And Nano-influencer marketing is doing just that, friend-to-friend marketing. Nano-influencer marketing basically comes down to; ordinary people with a regular following on their social media accounts, selling/recommending your product or service to their close friends and family. That is why Nano-influencer marketing is truly the holy grail of online marketing. Nova Pupa offers exactly that, Nano-influencer marketing, but is definitely not limited to this alone. We aim to become the number 1 online marketing portal in the world, with the holy grail of marketing tactics in our pockets, there is nothing stopping us from reaching that goal.

Nova Pupa services mainly consists of Nano-influencer marketing services but will soon grow into the world's most prestigious online marketing company, offering not only Nano- and Micro-influencer marketing services but a full array of marketing services covering all aspects of marketing and advertising. A small glimpse of this services expansion will consist of surveys to do proper market research, advertising in any Metaverse, advertising in closed Web3 social media, penetrating any niche community that till this day wasn't available to reach and all of these extra services will give any business an extremely unfair advantage over their competitors.