Nova Pupa is a Nano-influencer marketplace where brands can hire regular individuals by the masses as well as Micro-influencers. Nova Pupa focuses on connecting brands of any size to suitable brand ambassadors with as little as 200 friends or followers on their social media accounts, which is why we call it "Nano-influencer Marketing".

According to Social Bakers, "Micro-influencer accounts boast up to a 60% increased engagement rate compared to macro-influencers ... Micro-influencers also have over a 20% higher conversion rate. This is not surprising, as consumers make most of their purchase decisions based on suggestions by close friends (86%), although distant friends (39%) and influencers (31%) also carry good clout in their decision-making." Rather than focus on influencers who have a very large following on social media, Nova Pupa focuses on influencers who have a relatively smaller following because of our desire to optimize for quality rather than quantity.

One of the problems brands encounter with influencers who have a huge following is the realization of one of five things:

  • 1. The friends or followers may include many fake accounts.
  • 2. Large followings don't always translate to large sales, which reduces the brand’s ROI.
  • 3. The relationship between the influencer and their followers isn't intimate enough.
  • 4. There can be more hate than love among the followers’ base or either the followers see the influencer as satire or are not taking the influencer seriously by any means.
  • 5. The followers base of the influencer is too widespread in terms of age, gender, location, and interests so the actual target audience is barely reached.

Nova Pupa focuses on leveraging the very intimate relationship individuals (Nano-influencers) have, with their small followers’ base which mostly consists of close friends and family, to achieve a brand's advertising goals. With Nano influencer marketing the advertiser is able to achieve insane ROIs on the marketing dollars they spend due to friend-to-friend marketing. Nano-influencer marketing derived from Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) which is proven to be the most effective marketing strategies the world has ever seen. That's why Nano-influencer marketing is seen as the holy grail of marketing strategies by all renowned marketing pioneers worldwide.

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