The Metaverse is a virtual universe that combines reality and the virtual world. In the Metaverse, users interact with objects, environments, and other users using virtual avatars. Current iterations of the Metaverse either resemble or are built off of existing video games. However, unlike video games, as users interact the virtual world grows. And unlike video games, the Metaverse is not a series of events, so it has no end.

“Brands will be able to hire regular people to enter any metaverse wearing branded cloating of the advertiser”

The Metaverse presents huge opportunities for advertising, mainly because unlike advertising today, much more user data will be available to advertisers. And the data will be more valuable because it will be made available with the permission of the user, unlike today where companies collect data covertly. What permission-based data collection and aggregation means is that advertisers are free to gather data and then use the data gathered to target users in more sophisticated ways than is currently possible. Like today, advertising in the Metaverse will still include the use of billboards and posters in the Metaverse environment. We believe this will be the case in certain situations because the early iterations of the Metaverse are being designed to mimic the real world so as to make the environment familiar enough for early adopters to be comfortable.

However, advertising (be it through billboards, posters, etc) will take a more immersive form in the Metaverse. Rather than mimicking the 2D static billboards we have today in the "real" world, Metaverse billboards will provide viewers with an immersive experience. Imagine the billboard as a portal to an immersive experience of a brand, rather than just an image communicating the brand's information like we have today.