We are the first company in the world that offers true nano influencer marketing

A nano influencer agency backed by AI, revolutionizing & pioneering the future of digital advertising.

Nova Pupa connects brands with individuals directly through our state of the art platform, allowing brands to harness the power of the people and at the same time allow individuals to monetize their online presence.

We offer the holy grail of marketing; nano influencer marketing

Nova Pupa unlocked the holy grail of marketing; Nano Influencer Marketing. Businesses of any size & budget can now profit from the intimate relationship between friends and family of ordinary people around the globe. Set the prices you wish to pay per nano influencer, compose a sophisticated target audience & penetrate any online WEB2, WEB3, Metaverse or niche platform. Nano Influencer Marketing beats any form of advertising and is only available on here on Nova Pupa.

Nano Influencers are regular people, with 100 to maximum 1.000 friends/followers, promoting products or services on their personal social media channels. With nano influencer marketing you are leveraging the power of intimate relations between friends and family. Nano influencer marketing is friend-to-friend marketing. Nano influencer marketing basically comes down to; ordinary people with a regular following on their social media accounts, selling/recommending your product or service to their close friends and family. That is why nano influencer marketing beats any form of online marketing and is truly the holy grail of marketing.

Nova Pupa Platform Features

Nova Pupa gives any business an extremely unfair advantage upon their competitors.

Effective Audience Targeting

Extreme Audience Targeting options like Country, State, City, gender, sexuality, religion, age and best of all; Hobbies. You can literally grab your ideal customer by the balls.

One-stop shop

The Nova Pupa platform will be a one-stop shop for advertisers, fulfilling every aspect of their marketing strategy through AI automation and hassle free infinite scaling options. Nova Pupa is the first advertising platform with advanced Web3 & Metaverse integrations, ready for the future.

The holy grail

Nano Influencer Marketing is the holy grail of marketing and beats any form of marketing known to mankind.

Crypto & fiat payment options

If you pay for your marketing campaign using our $PUPA token you will get a discount on the service cost. You can even stake your $PUPA tokens on our platform to unlock more advanced marketing options plus receive an APY of up to 18%, basically allowing you to advertise for FREE on our platform. All payment options are available.

Suitable for any marketing budget

With nano influencers you can set the price that you wish to pay per task, therefore making this extra attractive for low marketing budgets. Nova Pupa can serve small, medium and large enterprises as well as startups and entrepreneurs with limited advertising budget.

In-metaverse nano influencer advertising

We are the only company in the world that offers in-metaverse nano influencer advertising. Advertisers can hire nano influencers to be present at any time and place in any metaverse. Nano influencers can wear branded clothing in crowded places in any metaverse.

How it works

Every company and entrepreneur in the world can easily launch an advertisement campaign on our platform within minutes in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Create target audience

You start with creating an audience you wish to target. This audience applies to the nano influencers on our platform and makes sure that you hit the sweet spot in terms of engagement, conversion rate and ultimately Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). You can target your ideal audience on Country, State, City, gender, sexuality, religion, age and best of all; Hobbies. For example, if you have a fishing equipment webshop and you target all nano influencers that have fishing as hobby then you will see unprecedented reults in your advertisment campaign. People have like-minded people as friends on Facebook, so a person that likes fishing will have many Facebook friends that are his fishing buddies or also like fishing.

Step 2: Create campaign

The second step is simply creating the "jobs" you need the nano influencers to do for you. You can ask the nano influencer to do anything, or any platform or device! Think about writing reviews, social like/shares, commenting, forum posting, downloading your mobile app and liking/commenting in the Playstore, shilling in Telegram groups, mystery shopping, filling a survey for your market research, posting your product images on their personal Instagram account including a link to your webshop of course!. Get creative and dominate your industry!

Step 3: Job approval

The nano influencer will provide screenshots and links when the job is done. Then you can check the work and accept, temporarily decline (give them feedback and they redo it) or permanently decline the work (the job will be fulfilled by someone else). And cash in from the success!

For E-commerce professionals:

Imagine regular people sharing your fancy product or clothing images on their personal Facebook or Instagram account with their friend & family together with a nice promotional text (plus hashtags) and also the link to the product page of course! This is magnificent. See for yourself, and find out why marketing professionals around the world call nano influencer marketing the holy grail of advertising.

Case Studies


Nano influencer marketing beats all industry standards in terms of conversion rate because it's friend-to-friend advertising. The numbers speak for themselves. In our latest published case study we have proven a 7500% Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and a 11.5% Conversion Rate (Lead => Revenue). Download Case-Study1 or read it on our website by clicking HERE.